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Triple effect evaporation & crystallization plant for the hazardous waste industry
The waste liquid treatment project of pharmaceutical factory will evaporate and crystallize the waste liquid of high salt and COD, recover the organic matter with low boiling point, and dry the mother liquor to achieve the purpose of zero discharge
  Waste acid and alkali
  Physicochemical wastewater
  Incineration flue gas deacidification wastewater

Triple Effect Evaporation Crystallization System Projects

Triple effect evaporation crystallization system for comprehensive treatment of waste acid and waste alkali

Triple effect evaporation crystallization system for comprehensive treatment of solid waste disposal

  • A Certain Environmental Technology Engineering Enterprise
    The second phase evaporation and crystallization system of Guangzhou Municipal Waste Safety Disposal Center,with a processing capacity of 150,000 tons/year, is equipped with a set of three-effect evaporation + single-kettle evaporation system and a set of MVRevaporation+single-kettle evapora- tion s Read More
  • A certain group in Jiangsu Province
    The wvater treatment industrial park of Fumiao Group is located in Zhangjiagang. It is equipped with a three-effect evaporation and crystallization device for sodium sulfate wastewater, a MVR evaporation and crystallization device for sodium chloride waste- water and a single-effect evaporation and Read More
  • An Economic And Industrial Base In Huanggang
    Zhejiang Huanuo has designed two sets of three effect evaporation and crystallization devices for the physical and chemical wastewater and its supporting treatment system, evaporation and crystallization system. Read More

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