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Project: Triple Effect Evaporator for MVR Water Treatment in Changzhou

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Project: Triple Effect Evaporator for MVR Water Treatment in Changzhou

MVR Water Treatment Project Overview

The environmental protection company specializes in cutting-edge R&D and consultancy services in hazardous waste incineration, treatment, and comprehensive utilization technology. It is dedicated to environmental sustainability and reducing the environmental impact of industrial processes.

  • Annual treatment and disposal of industrial waste liquid: 70,000 tons

  • Annual incineration of industrial waste: 25,000 tons

  • Location: Jintan Development Zone

  • Objectives: Ensure effective reduction and resource utilization of industrial waste, enhance the investment environment, and promote social, environmental, and economic benefits within the Jintan Economic Development Zone.

  • Products and Services Vnor Offered: We specialize in the procurement and installation of triple effect evaporation systems, which include two sets of evaporation and crystallization devices.

MVR Wastewater Treatment Project Requirements

Waste acid (HW34), waste alkali (HW35) - 15,000 t/a

Surface treatment waste liquid (HW17), copper-containing waste liquid (HW22), nickel-containing waste liquid (HW46) - 23,000 t/a

DTRO concentrated water with a designed total evaporation capacity of 2*6000kg/h.

Key Process Design Features

1. Preventing Material Leakage

The defoaming device and the secondary steam gas-liquid separation reflux device can effectively intercept the mist droplets entrained in the secondary steam, improve the quality of the condensed water, and reduce the corrosion of the compressor by the secondary steam. This device can effectively prevent foam-entrained material liquid from entering the compressor and heater, prolong the service life of the equipment, and ensure normal operation of the equipment.

2. Optimizing Anti-Clogging Pipe Structure

The crystallizer adopts a patented diversion system. The design structure has no dead ends and conforms to the principle of crystallized salt flow and deposition, ensuring that all crystallized salt is collected in the salting-out leg and finally discharged through the discharge pump.

The supernatant liquid in the crystallizer is heated and circulated through a forced circulation pump to prevent blockage and wear of the heater tubes. At the same time, the flow rate in the tubes is guaranteed to be above 2.0m/s, and the material only exchanges heat in the tubes without phase change. Prevent suspended solids from depositing and clogging in the tube, and prevent scaling caused by calcium and magnesium ions.

3. Enhancing Heat Exchange Efficiency

Design for enhanced turbulence in the heat transfer surface to maximize energy recovery efficiency.

4. Advanced Automation Technology

The control interface can display all important parameters in the entire system, thus the operating status is very clear. Straightforward and user-friendly control interface with storage capabilities for up to 12 months.

5. User-Friendly Maintenance

We simplified equipment design with few consumables for ease of maintenance while a long continuous operation cycle. Equipment maintenance is simple and convenient. Few transmission parts, simple main equipment and few consumables greatly save financial, material, and manpower in maintenance.

Vnor Comprehensive Service

Upon authorization, we offer remote monitoring with real-time system diagnostics and predictive maintenance solutions. we can use a remote diagnosis system with a mobile Internet connection function to monitor the system operating status in real time, predict problems that may arise during the use of the equipment, and propose solutions to reduce equipment damage and repair time. At the same time, maintenance accessories can be prepared in advance to help plan maintenance.

This proactive approach helps minimize equipment damage and downtime, saving time and resources. Vnor is committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions in waste liquid treatment while maintaining the highest standards of quality and efficiency.

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