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Lithium New Energy

Three-effect evaporation & crystallization plant:The waste liquid treatment project of pharmaceutical factory will evaporate and crystallize the waste liquid of high salt and COD, recover the organic matter with low boiling point, and dry the mother liquor to achieve the purpose of zero discharge
  Lithium hydroxide
  lithium sulfate
  Cobalt sulfate
  Nickel sulfate crystals
  Ternary material wastewater


Lithium New Energy Industry Cases

  • Project: Evaporation and Crystallization for Lithium Extraction with BYD
    At VNOR, we are more than just a project builder but a pioneer of technological innovation in MVR evaporation and crystallization. The MVR evaporation and crystallization technology distinguishes itself through its energy efficiency and minimal environmental impact. By recompressing and reusing vapor, our systems significantly reduce energy consumption compared to traditional methods, making them both cost-effective and eco-friendly. Read More
  • Certain Power Enterprise In Dalian
    Founded in April 2011, the company is mainly engaged in R&D and production of positive electrode materials and lithium ion battery recycling, catalyst raw materials for elec- tric vehicle lithium ion batteries.VNOR designed two evap- orative crystallization units for wastewater treatment with temary Read More

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