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MVR Evaporator


Multiple effect evaporator is the combination of several sets single effect evaporator. The characteristic is to heat the next effect evaporator by used steam produced from the front effect, so as to reduce energy consumption. Usually there is double effect evaporator, three effect evaporator or even more effect evaporation system. More effects with more control points; the driving force of temperature difference at different effect is smaller. The system should be selected according to the job condition.
Compared with MVR evaporator, multi-effect evaporator has many differences: multi-effect evaporator is suitable for processing a larger volume of raw materials, and has more universality and longer service life than MVR evaporator.
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Automatic Control
Automatic liquid level control system, automatic feeding, automatic condensate discharge.
High Efficiency Defoaming
The system is equipped with efficient touch device to prevent material foam entrainment leading to running.
Long Working Life
Heater,preheater and condenser tube plate adopt integral tube plate design to prolong the service life of equipment.
Energy Conservation And Consumption Reduction
More effects with more control points
Forced Circulation
The forced circulation evaporation technology has the characteristics of high heat transfer coefficient, high evaporation in- tensity, and can prevent wall formation and pipe blocking.
Clear & Turbid Liquid Separation
The separator adopts dtb mode,which can effectively separate turbid liquid and avoid crystal entering the heat exchange tube.

Product Video Introduction

Flow Chart

Multi Effect Falling Film Evaporator (concentrator)

The material is added from the top of the evaporator and flows along the tube wall under the action of gravity. During the process, the solvent is continuously evaporated so that the solute concentration is increased.The finishing liquid is obtained at the bottom of the heat exchanger.

Technical Characteristics

  Small heat transfer temperature difference, gentle evaporating process, no scorching, suitable for temperature sensitive materiel.
  Small amount of liquid retention, the falling film evaporator can be adjusted rapidly according to energy supply, vacuum, feed quantity, concentration etc.
  on is obtained by controlling flow velocity of the tangential airflow entering separator, Designed to achieve maximum separation performance with minimal pressure drop
  Shorten the CIP cleaning time, to help reduce the clean cost.

Multi Effect Forced Circulation Evaporator (crystallizer)

Multi-effect evaporation is a mature and reliable evaporation process using secondary steam energy repeatedly. Its combination with different vapor-liquid separator and crystallizer can achieve concentration and crystallization process of different materials to meet various processing requirements.

Technical Characteristics

  Reasonable use of secondary steam to reduce energy consumption
  Diversified processes to adapt to different materials feeding and discharging methods
  Less investment than MVR evaporation system

Process Flow Diagram

Three-effect forced circulation evaporator
Three-effect forced circulation evaporator
Four-effect forced circulation evaporator
Four-effect forced circulation evaporator

Energy Efficiency Comparison Of Multi-effect Evaporator

Forced Circulation

 Evaporation Compressor Energy Consumption Energy Consumption Of Other Components Fresh Steam Consumption Circulating Cooling Water Final Estimated Annual Cost
2t (Three-way) Not using a compressor 60Kw 800Kg 70m³ (60*0.7+800*0.22+70*0.2)*7200=167.04 ten thousand yuan
5t (Three-way) 98.5Kw 2000Kg 110m³ (98.5*0.7+2000*0.22+110*0.2)*7200=382.2 ten thousand yuan
10t (Three-way) 150Kw 4000Kg 220m³ (150*0.7+4000*0.22+220*0.2)*7200=740.88 ten thousand yuan
20t (Four-way) 270Kw 6000Kg 400m³ (270*0.7+6000*0.22+400*0.2)*7200=1144.0 ten thousand yuan
30t (Four-way) 370Kw 9000Kg 600m³ (370*0.7+9000*0.22+600*0.2)*7200=1698.4 ten thousand yuan
50t (Four-way) 500Kw 15000Kg 1000m³ (500*0.7+15000*0.22+1000*0.2)*7200=2772 ten thousand yuan
* Data in the table are hourly except for the last column; Electricity is counted as 0.7 yuan/kW, steam as 220 yuan /t, cooling water as 0.2 yuan /t.

The multi-effect evaporator is relatively traditional in structure, but compared with the MVR evaporator, the multi-effect evaporator has stronger compatibility: even some of the materi- als that will cause the MVR evaporator can not operate normally (such as calcium chloride, magnesium chloride and other materials with higher boiling point rise), the multi-effect evap- orator can easily handle.

The type of multi-effect evaporator is also relatively diverse, which is part of the reason why the multi-effect evaporator can accept a wide variety of materials.
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