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Stay informed with our latest news and updates on evaporation and crystallization technologies, industry trends, and innovative solutions.
  • Comprehensive Guide to Thin Film Evaporator
    Liquid separation is a critical process in numerous industries, from pharmaceuticals and chemical production to food processing. To ensure the purity and quality of various products, thin film evaporation is a crucial solution in this realm, offering efficient separation methods with minimal waste.
    2024 04-24
  • Thin Film vs. Falling Film Evaporators
    Thin film and falling film evaporators are both widely used in industries for the evaporation and separation of liquids. While they share some similarities, their design, operational principles, and applications have distinct differences that make each suitable for specific tasks.
    2024 04-17
  • Measures for MVR Evaporator Scaling
    Scaling in Mechanical Vapor Recompression (MVR) evaporators is a common challenge that can significantly impact efficiency and operational costs. What causes MVR evaporator scaling? and are there any preventive measures to maintain optimal performance?
    2024 03-18
  • Multi-effect Evaporators and Concentrators Introduction
    In the quest for industrial efficiency and sustainability, multi-effect evaporators and concentrators have emerged as key technologies. These systems harness the power of steam across multiple stages, where steam generated from one process is used in the next, significantly reducing energy consumption and optimizing performance.
    2024 03-14
  • Considerations in MVR Evaporator Design
    The MVR (Mechanical Vapor Recompression) evaporator stands out for superior efficiency and sustainability in industrial evaporation and concentration. The design of these systems directly influences their efficiency, scalability, and environmental impact.
    2024 03-01
  • MVR Evaporator Working Principle
    In this blog, we will explore the MVR evaporator and its working principle. In evaporation and concentration, understanding the basics of MVR technology is crucial for optimizing industrial processes. Besides, we'll discuss the design considerations and advantages MVR evaporator brings to various industries.
    2024 02-29
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