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Advanced Evaporation and Crystallization Technology

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Evaporation System Blocking Technology

Turbidite Separation + Cyclone Equipment + Self-Circulation Of Crystal Slurry

  The mold adopts a patented diversion system,the design structure has no dead Angle, in line with the principle of crystallization salt flow and deposition, to ensure that all crystallization salt collected salting-out legs, and finally discharged through the discharge pump.
  The supernatant in the mold is heated by the forced circulation pump to prevent the blockage and wear of the heater tube; At the same time, the flow rate in the tube is ensured to be above 1.5m/s, and the material only carries out heat transfer in the tube without phase transformation, which can prevent the deposition and blockage of suspended solids in the tube and prevent the scaling caused by calcium and magnesium ions.
  The patented cyclone device * is used to remove crystallized salt, which can reduce the solid-liquid ratio in the mold. Prevent turbid circulation pipe blockage; It increases the ratio of solid to liquid, reduces the amount of mother liquid, greatly reduces the heat loss of discharge, increases the efficiency of centrifuge, and achieves the purpose of saving the operation cost.
* Anti-clogging measures separation crystallization section using a diversion system(Patent product: ZL.2013 2 0840043.1)

Evaporator Process Flow Chart

Advanced Automation Technology, Automatic Control

Flow chart

The Crystallization Salt Is Discharged By Cyclone Device

Anti-Clogging Measures

* Anti-clog measure crystal salt discharge by cyclon device (pantent product: ZL.2013 1 0698433.4)
  Reduce the solid-liquid ratio demand of imported materials, only one to five
  Improve the internal heat transfer efficiency,reduce the amount of mother liquor circulation,reduce the risk of pipe blocking
  Increase the solid-liquid ratio of export materials,up to one to one

Backwash The Pipeline To Prevent, Pipeline Blockage

Anti-Caking Core Technology-Salting-Out LEg Self-Stirring System

Foam Removal,Defoaming Measures Technology

Falling Film Technique, Uniform Film Technique

Increase Evaporation Efficiency And Save Working Time

Pretreatment And Evaporation Of Low Boiling Organic Matter

Solve The Problem Of Organic Matter Affecting Evaporation Efficiency

  The heat source is the tail gas of multi-effect evaporator,saving energy.Combined with multi-effect evaporator, streamline structure and smooth process. Can re- alize automatic continu- ous operation.
  The low waste from evap- oration can be recycled. Greatly reduce invest- ment and operating costs.

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