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The vacuum heat pump evaporator uses electricity as the energy source. It is a very effective technology to evaporate at low temperature under vacuum negative pressure. It can handle all kinds of sewage and liquid waste and Thermal sensitivity material.
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  The vacuum degree is about -95KPa, and the evaporation temperature is about 30-37℃;
  Intelligent automatic control system, simple operation, convenient and efficient;
  High concentration ratio of wastewater and high purity of evaporated water; Designed to achieve maximum separation performance with minimal pressure drop;
  Using air energy heating technology, the technology is stable, safe, energy-saving and environmentally friendly.
low-temperature heat-pump evaporator
low-temperature heat-pump evaporator

Technical Characteristics

  The vacuum heat pump evaporator, operating at 35-40 ° C, can significantly reduce the COD of distillate and a small amount of discharged concentrate. The technology is low maintenance cost, automated.
  With the vacuum heat pump evaporator, the wastewater is converted into two streams: one is highly concentrated, and the other is high-quality water (up to the discharge standard). The evaporator works under vacuum conditions to reduce the boiling temperature of wastewater and reduce energy consumption.

Flow Chart

Energy Efficiency Comparison Of Lte Evaporator

Vortex Type

Evaporation Compressor Energy Consumption Energy Consumption Of Other Components Fresh Steam Consumption Circulating Cooling Water Final Estimated Annual Cost
50kg (0.05t) 12.2Kw 4.8Kw No need for fresh steam
No need to circulate cooling water
[(12.2+4.8)*0.7]*7200=8.568 ten thousand yuan
100kg (0.1t) 22Kw 11Kw [(22+11)*0.7]*7200=16.632 ten thousand yuan
200kg (0.2t) 29Kw 15.2Kw [(29+15.2)*0.7]*7200=22.2768 ten thousand yuan

Screw Refrigeration

Evaporation Compressor Energy Consumption Energy Consumption Of Other Components Fresh Steam Consumption Circulating Cooling Water Final Estimated Annual Cost
0.15t 24Kw 15Kw No fresh steam is used 12m³ [(24+15)*0.7+12*0.2]*7200=21.38 ten thousand yuan
0.3t 48Kw 15Kw 22m³ [(48+15)*0.7+22*0.2]*7200=34.92 ten thousand yuan
0.5t 75Kw 20Kw 35m³ [(75+20)*0.7+35*0.2]*7200=52.92 ten thousand yuan
1t 150Kw 30Kw 70m³ [(150+30)*0.7+70*0.2]*7200=100.8 ten thousand yuan
1.5t 230Kw 35Kw 100m³ [(230+35)*0.7+100*0.2]*7200=147.96 ten thousand yuan
2t 280Kw 40Kw 130m³ [(280+40)*0.7+130*0.2]*7200=180 ten thousand yuan
* Data in the table are hourly except for the last column; Electricity is counted as 0.7 yuan/kW, steam as 220 yuan /t, cooling water as 0.2 yuan /t.

The heat pump low temperature (LTE) evaporator does not rely on fresh steam and requires only electric- ity and a small amount of cooling water to operate, and the scroll compressor LTE evaporator even re- quires only electricity. It can effectively solve the problems of high evaporation volume and low energy efficiency of conventional evaporator, and reduce expenses for small and medium-sized enterprises.

The LTE evaporator also maintains a very low temperature during the evaporation process and can effectively handle all kinds of heat-sensitive materials.
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