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MVR Evaporator



Saline wastewater usually contains a large amount of high boiling point organics, which cannot evaporate with water vapor during the evaporation process, nor can they enter the concentrated and crystallized solid salts. Therefore, these organic substances remain in the crystallization mother liquor. During the enrichment process of the mother liquor, impurities and ions gradually increase, affecting the evaporation of the system, resulting in a decrease in the quality of the salt obtained, so it is necessary to discharge them irregularly. The mother liquor drying system is installed for the treatment of discharged mother liquor to form solid impurities and ultimately achieve zero discharge of wastewater.
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Mother-liquid Drum Drying

Drum dryer is a kind of rotating continuous drying equipment with internal heating conducting-style. Certain thickness of materials film attach to the drum from material liquid vessel under the drum. Heat is transferred to the internal wall of the cylinder through pipes and then to the external wall and to materials film, to evaporate the moisture in materials film so as to dry materials. Dried products are then scraped of f by the blade fitted on the surface of the cylinder, fall down to the spiral conveyor under the blade, and are conveyed, collected and packed.

Mother-liquid Scraper Evaporator

The vacuum low-temperature water separation equipment belongs to a scraper type thin film evaporator. This equipment has high heat transfer coefficient, high evaporation intensity, short flow time, and large operating flexibility. It is suitable for evaporation concentration, degassing, desolvation, and distillation purification of heat sensitive materials, high viscosity materials, and easily crystallized materials containing particles.
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