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Project: Triple Effect Evaporator for Sewage Treatment in Shaanxi

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Project: Triple Effect Evaporator for Sewage Treatment in Shaanxi

Sewage Treatment Project Overview

The comprehensive disposal company is a pillar in Shaanxi Province's energy and chemical industry. It is mainly responsible for the construction and operation of hazardous waste treatment and disposal center projects in Shaanxi Province. The hazardous waste high-temperature incineration system, and physicochemical and sewage treatment systems are equipped with a set of titanium triple effect evaporation crystalization devices.

Collaborative Endeavor

Our shared project focuses on transforming sustainability at the Huaxian Industrial Test Production Base. At the heart of this initiative is the "Sewage Treatment Station," where its 

expertise and cutting-edge solutions come into play.

VNOR Guarantees in the Sewage Treatment Project

Quality Level: Excellent

Equipment Quality Requirements: We source top-quality products from leading manufacturers, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

The project involves the treatment of wastewater with specific characteristics, and we handle these diverse challenges with ease:

  • pH Value: 7.5-8.6

  • COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand): 8000-12000mg/L

  • BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand): 500-800mg/L

  • Suspended Solids: 600-950mg/L

  • Turbidity: 700-1000NTU

  • Total Phosphorus: Approximately 2000mg/L

  • Ammonia Nitrogen in Raw Water: >10mg/L

  • Total Solids: Approximately 30g/L

Efficiency Enhancement Measures

1. Material Leakage Prevention

With a defoaming device and a secondary steam gas-liquid separation reflux device, mist droplets are intercepted in the secondary steam, thus condensate quality improves. This minimizes corrosion of the compressor by the secondary steam and effectively prevents foam-entrained material from entering critical components. These measures significantly extend equipment lifespan, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted operation.

2. Anti-Clogging Pipe Structure Optimization

A patented diversion system in the crystallizer eliminates dead-end areas, promoting the smooth flow and deposition of crystallized salt. All salt is collected in the salting-out leg and efficiently discharged through the use of a discharge pump. Additionally, the supernatant liquid in the crystallizer is continuously heated and circulated through a forced circulation pump, preventing blockages and wear in the heater tubes. A flow rate of over 2.0m/s within the tubes facilitates efficient heat exchange while preventing solid deposits and scaling due to calcium and magnesium ions.

3. Heat Transfer Efficiency Optimization

The design of the heat transfer surface structure creates enhanced turbulence, maximizing heat transfer and energy recovery efficiency.

4. Advanced Automation Technology

A user-friendly control interface provides a clear display of vital process parameters throughout the system, enabling easy monitoring. With a user-intuitive menu structure, operations are simplified and straightforward. Operational data can be stored for up to 12 months, facilitating comprehensive process analysis.

Maintenance and Support

At VNOR, we are committed to delivering not only professional solutions but also an efficient operation.

1. Ease of Maintenance

Equipment maintenance is simplified and convenient, with an extended continuous operation cycle, minimal transmission components, straightforward main equipment, and a low requirement for consumables. These characteristics streamline future maintenance work, conserving financial, material, and manpower resources.

2. Remote Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance

With proper authorization, our system integrates a remote diagnosis feature with mobile Internet connectivity. Real-time monitoring of equipment status enables us to anticipate and address potential issues promptly, reducing equipment damage and minimizing repair time. This proactive approach also allows for advanced preparation of maintenance accessories, optimizing the overall maintenance process.

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