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Project: Industrial Wastewater Evaporation System in Taiwan

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Project: Industrial Wastewater Evaporation System in Taiwan

Wastewater Evaporation Project Overview

The company specializes in producing and processing acidic and alkaline etching solutions, developer solutions, brighteners, film removers, electroless plating solutions, tin strippers, browning agents, and chemical tin, also engaging in the research of resource regeneration and comprehensive utilization technologies, alongside processing circuit boards and electronic components.

Equipment procurement and installation project for the thriple-effect evaporation system of the waste liquid treatment project(including two sets of evaporation and crystallization devices)

  • The first phase of the project evaporates sodium chloride wastewater: put into operation at the end of 2019

  • The second phase of the project evaporates ammonium chloride wastewater: put into operation in October 2021

  • Quality level: Excellent

  • Equipment quality requirements: high-quality brand-name products produced by imported, joint-venture or wholly-owned manufacturers

  • Treatment materials: etching liquid wastewater, ammonium chloride solution, sodium chloride solution

Project Guarantees and Technical Innovations

This project is designed to efficiently handle and recycle hazardous waste liquids. The project features such as:

1. Anti-Foaming Measures

Incorporating defoaming devices and secondary steam gas-liquid separation reflux devices to capture mist droplets in secondary steam, enhancing condensate quality and minimizing corrosion.

2. Anti-Clogging Structural Optimization

Utilizing a patented diversion system in the crystallizer to prevent clogging and ensure smooth salt collection and discharge.

3. High Heat Transfer Efficiency

The design of the heat transfer surface is optimized for enhanced turbulence, improving heat transfer and energy recovery.

Advanced Automation and Maintenance Simplicity

Automation Technology

A user-friendly control interface displays all vital process parameters, ensuring operational clarity and ease of use, with data storage capacity for up to 12 months for comprehensive analysis.

Simplified Maintenance

The system is designed for ease of maintenance, featuring extended operational cycles, minimal transmission components, and low consumable requirements, facilitating cost-effective maintenance and support.

taiwan project

Predictive Maintenance and Remote Monitoring

With proper authorization, our project integrates a mobile-internet-connected remote diagnosis feature, enabling real-time monitoring of the system's operational status. This predictive approach allows us to anticipate and swiftly address potential issues, reducing downtime and maintenance time, and preparing maintenance accessories in advance for optimized upkeep.

As Vnor forges ahead in our mission to reduce industrial waste and promote sustainable practices, we also invite industries and businesses grappling with similar environmental challenges. If you are seeking to incorporate sustainable waste treatment solutions into your operations, we welcome you to contact us for customized project consultations and industrial wastewater evaporation system.

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