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Project: Evaporation and Crystallization for Etching liquid in Qingyuan

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Project: Evaporation and Crystallization for Etching liquid in Qingyuan

Project Overview

The company is a prominent figure in Qingyuan's environmental conservation efforts, focusing on the production and recycling of etching solutions and treating copper-containing waste liquids from PCB factories.

  • Projects List

1. Etching liquid ammonium chloride recovery thriple-effect evaporation and crystallization device (Phase I)

Design capacity: evaporation capacity 150t/day

Project time: put into production in August 2017 to present

2. Etching liquid ammonium chloride recovery thriple-effect evaporation and crystallization device (Phase II)

Design capacity: evaporation capacity 300t/day

Project time: put into production in July 2018 to present

3. Etching liquid ammonium chloride recovery MVR evaporation crystallization device (Phase III)

Design capacity: evaporation capacity 280t/day

Project time: The project establishment in January 2021, is planned to be put into production at the end of April

  • Technical Details in Evaporation and Crystallization

The project spotlights developing and implementing an advanced Ammonium Chloride Evaporation Crystallization Device. This technology is pivotal for the treatment of ammonium chloride wastewater, a byproduct of various industrial processes. The initiative includes three key phases of development, each marked by significant advancements in capacity and efficiency, starting from a 150 tons/day capacity in its first phase to the latest MVR (Mechanical Vapor Recompression) technology in the third phase, enhancing both performance and environmental sustainability.

  • Partnership Highlight

The project represents a collaborative milestone between two companies. This partnership underscores a mutual commitment to environmental stewardship and technological innovation, specifically in the treatment of challenging wastewater types. Through this collaboration, the project not only addresses local environmental concerns but also sets a precedent for industry-wide sustainable practices.

Project Quality Guarantees and Technical Innovations

Guaranteeing exceptional quality and efficiency, the project introduces state-of-the-art solutions to ammonium chloride wastewater treatment. This involves the adoption of triple effect evaporation and MVR technology, tailored to reduce energy consumption and enhance operational efficiency. The detailed technical specifications, including the project's capacity to handle varying evaporation loads and its use of advanced materials resistant to corrosive conditions, reflect a rigorous standard of quality and innovation.

Innovative Efficiency Enhancement Measures

The project incorporates several key innovations aimed at optimizing efficiency and sustainability. These include:

1. Tube-type Forced Circulation Evaporator

This design separates the heating and evaporating processes to minimize scaling and enhance the evaporation rate.

2. Corrosion Prevention

Specialized materials and designs prevent equipment corrosion, extending the life and reliability of the system.

3. Anti-Clogging Measures

Patented flow systems and preventive measures ensure uninterrupted operation and maintenance ease.

qingyuan project

Each of these measures demonstrates the project's forward-thinking approach to overcoming the unique challenges of ammonium chloride wastewater treatment.

Long-term Maintenance and Support

To ensure the long-term success and sustainability of the ammonium chloride evaporation crystallization project, long-term maintenance and support are necessary. This includes easy-to-maintain designs, remote monitoring capabilities, and predictive maintenance protocols, ensuring that the system not only meets current environmental standards but is also adaptable to future challenges and innovations.

Key Features of the Etching liquid Evaporation and Crystallization Project

1. Comprehensive Technical Descriptions

Demonstrating a deep understanding of the technical and environmental challenges involved.

2. Strategic Collaboration

Highlighting the power of partnership in driving innovation and sustainability in environmental protection.

3. Solution-Focused Innovation

Showcasing a commitment to addressing complex environmental issues with advanced and efficient technological solutions.

4. Sustainable Operational Planning

Emphasizing long-term reliability and sustainability through thoughtful design and support strategies.

By transforming waste into valuable resources, this project contributes to the local economy and environmental protection efforts in Qingyuan.

If you are looking to embrace sustainable practices, improve your environmental impact, or explore cutting-edge solutions for waste treatment and resource recovery, VNOR is always ready to help you achieve your goals. Together, we can explore innovative solutions tailored to your needs.

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